Nowadays, going abroad is much easier. Plane tickets are getting cheaper, payment instruments also reach across countries. No need to carry lots of cash, there’s a credit card that will accompany your trip.

Many Indonesians are starting to use credit cards as a means of payment abroad rather than cash. The reason is because it is considered more practical. Credit cards, such as the Visa and MasterCard logos, are widely accepted in many countries, so that any transaction can run smoothly.

Want to eat in restaurants, shopping at the mall, rent a car, and other transactions do not have to bother. Just swipe, all payment matters are done. But behind the ease of payment using a credit card abroad, you need to know a few of these things so as not to be surprised later when credit card bills come home from abroad.


Benchmark rates used

Benchmark rates used

When you transact using a credit card abroad, what you must remember is that you do not use dollars. But with foreign currency.

Generally, merchants and banks abroad will use the US dollar exchange rate (USD) as a benchmark in transactions. Because the US dollar is a world currency.

So all transactions that you do while abroad, when using a credit card, are based on the dollar value that applies that day.


Costs to be borne

credit loans

This also you need to understand. Do not play credit card swipe, because the consequences of using a credit card abroad will incur various costs. First, exchange fees. Exchange from dollars to dollars, considering all transactions that have been done abroad will be billed to dollars.

The amount of credit card exchange fees is of course different, depending on the policies of the issuing bank and the owner of the credit card network that you use. If you want to be safe, ask or find out these costs before you go abroad.

That way, you can plan to use a credit card to make it more efficient and efficient. For example only for shopping for things that are rather expensive, booking a hotel when suddenly changing the travel list.

This information can also help you if you have more than one credit card from a different bank. Which conversion costs are more efficient, use the credit card while at your vacation destination.


Transactions using dollars abroad

In fact, if you are shopping in stores abroad, let alone that often really so tourist destinations of Indonesia, some of which provide payment currency.

But not just accepted. Usually the shop owner will charge a fee. Here you need to ask in detail before the transaction. Do not let it have been the transaction, shop owners ‘shoot’ with high costs.


Report your planned visit to the credit card issuing bank

Report your planned visit to the credit card issuing bank

You need to tell the time and destination of the trip to the credit card issuing bank. Thus, banks can open velocity, which is a process to help credit card holders if they experience rejection when swiping at EDC machines abroad.


Apply for a Credit Card and Enjoy the Benefits

Apply for a Credit Card and Enjoy the Benefits

Having a credit card can provide benefits and benefits. One of them when you are abroad. Any transaction is easier, faster and more practical. If you want to have a traveling credit card, just submit it via the Rytlink Credit website or application.

One thing to remember for users, be wise in using a credit card. Because after all using a credit card is the same as being in debt. Having debt has a threshold, which is no more than 30% of monthly income. There is a user’s obligation to pay their bills every month.

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